Richard’s Roasts and Recommendations

I recently traveled to New York City for a little work and a little family time.

Of course, while there, I had to find the local places for freshly roasted coffee! I did a quick search on Yelp and a list of places popped up to guide me.

The first place was called Oren’s Daily Roast. I walked into the one in Time Square and to my disappointment, there was no roaster on site. Disappointing because as a Roast Master, I like to see what is being used to roast the coffee. I am sure the coffee was decent but I decided early on that either I was going to drink fresh roast or I was going to wait till I returned to our rental and have coffee from my own stash. I personally never travel without a bag of my fresh roasted coffee to enjoy every morning.The next place was called Porto Rico Import Company located in Greenwich Village. This place is coffee. As you walk in there are rows of burlap bags lined with plastic and filled with roasted coffee from everywhere. Included are coffees tinted with vanilla or hazelnut.

This is a coffee lover’s paradise. In the back rests a Probat coffee roaster which is one of my favorites for roasting. I headed straight for the espresso bar and ordered a double Americano, my staple afternoon drink. Although the barista could not tell me which coffees are used for the blend, the shots had good crema and the flavor was delicious. This is definitely a place to visit.

My next stop was in Brooklyn, a place called East One Coffee Roasters.  I was coming off a pizza tour and needed my caffeine fix to get me through the day when I stumbled into this place.   They roast on a Diedrich which rested beautifully in a private glassed room for viewing. The Diedrich is another roaster that I think highly of.

The place was nice but I must admit I got the sense that I was bothering the master roaster when I tried to engage him in a conversation about coffee.  The coffee was trendy, third wave. Not bad but not my cup of tea. (Excuse the cliche!) I think I would have enjoyed it more if the staff were more welcoming. For me, I don’t think I would ever return.

Finally, I visited a place in East Harlem called Uptown Roasters. It is tucked in a small location on 110th. This is a family owned business with a good vibe and wonderful sense for welcoming out of towners like myself.

They use an SF25 for roasting and I must say the coffee is exceptional.  To my surprise, they developed their roasting skills right here in the bay area. I was happy to find them and felt at home while conversing with one of the owners.

This is definitely the place to get a good cup of coffee or even a bag of beans.  It is also the place that I will frequent should I find myself back in the city.

I am sure there are other roasting houses but that’s all the time I had.  So, if you find yourself in NYC, these are the places to consider. Drink more coffee.