Café Santana Roasting Company

We provide freshly roasted coffee and green coffee beans from various regions throughout the world. We pride ourselves on only offering only the highest cupping quality bean for your simplest of pleasures.

Coffee subscription

We are excited to offer a Coffee subscription to our coffee lovers. We understand that you all have busy lives, and you shouldn’t have to stress about picking up and buying coffee at your local fresh roasted coffee house. With our new subscription, we are making it easier for us to deliver our fresh roasted coffee to your door weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Subscribe and receive free shipping and/or a 10% discount for items purchased in our location at 4100 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA.

Featured Coffee

El Salvador Crown Jewel

El Salvador Apaneca Santa Leticia Pacamara - Microlot

This delightful natural Pacamara from Finca Santa Leticia in El Salvador does a really nice job of highlighting the absolute best in cultivar selection and processing. It’s juicy, brimming with ripe red fruits like pomegranate, raspberry, and red grape. It’s not scared of a little nuance, either, with hints of floral and light pear accents. You won’t find it too heavy on the herbal or berry notes, though at the right roast level a light Pacamara savory quality is definitely present.

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