Premium Coffee

We provide freshly roasted coffee and green coffee beans from various regions throughout the world. We pride ourselves on only offering only the highest cupping quality bean for your simplest of pleasures.

Crown Jewel Tanzania RFA

This exquisite selection showcases the distinct and vibrant flavors of Tanzania and Ethiopia, brought together in five meticulously curated blends. Each cup promises a taste of the unique terroir, with beans that are thoughtfully harvested and masterfully roasted to bring out their best qualities. Experience the symphony of tastes and aromas that elevate your coffee experience beyond the ordinary, and savor the true essence of these legendary coffee-growing regions. Indulge in Tanzania and Ethiopia's finest, and let your senses be your guide on this unforgettable coffee journey.

Coffee subscription

We are excited to offer a Coffee subscription to our coffee lovers. We understand that you all have busy lives, and you shouldn’t have to stress about picking up and buying coffee at your local fresh roasted coffee house.