The Café

Café Santana began with a vision.

After reading an article on the benefits of home roasting using a hot air popcorn maker, Café Santana founder Richard Santana was hooked! To his dismay, he found that it worked exceptionally well, but he knew that he could do even better.

Richard has been roasting coffee for 17 amazing years and counting! He opened the first Café Santana location in 2015 with a dream of creating a community gathering place in Oakland where he could realize his simple vision: to provide exceptionally well-prepared coffee combined with great service.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is craft roasted in small batches to guarantee our customers the freshest coffee possible.
We ensure consistency of every roast, every day and are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to achieve the perfect roast!

Whether by the pound or the cup, Richard shares his love for roasting by offering coffee to markets throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

A coffee’s journey — from sourcing, travel, and roasting — ultimately ends when it’s served to our guests, either through whole bean sales or beverage preparation by our baristas.

To us, representing coffee’s complex story is rewarding and humbling.

We believe that customer service is key and that our café patrons appreciate the quality and difference in our products.

The Roaster

Cafe Santana uses the Legendary SF25: Environmentally Friendly Small-Batch Coffee Roaster.

The SF25 is powerfully built and meticulously designed to produce great roasts, time after time.

We are able to roast a maximum 25 pounds (12kg) of green coffee per batch with up to 4 roasts per hour, providing a maximum roast capacity of 100 lb. per hour (48 kg/hr). SF25 is handcrafted and is the center piece of Café Santana Roasting Company.

Advanced Components, Classic Handmade Beauty, Efficient and Eco-friendly, Cafe Santana uses only the best.